We're ready to believe you.

What's going on. What's going on?

We've been kind of moping about. Summer was rough. We'd been getting sweaty and 3/4 of us moved into a house together with a basement where we can practice and record. Running the central jacked our leccy bill way up so we stopped using it and our heads would feel like boiled eggs in the morning. Played a couple o' shows in New York, Gracie's 6th Birthday Party, SXSW was way long ago and now we're at chapter 3.
Mixing and recording finished last week for THE SAD COBRAS/HOT LAVA 7" split! We're really happy to finally do this with "the Cobes." It should be out Oct. 30th if the heavens are on our side. If not, you'll have to wait a week or two after that which will be just in time for us playing with Shonen Knife!
ALSO we're playing with Bermuda Triangles (with whom we shared an emotional last night in Austin with last time we played with them) on the 24th of September with GULL. All of the mentioned shows are going to be at Plaza Bowl.

This is what I heard about Hot Lava...

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When the sun was shining overhead
I didn't know what I was doing dead
But something in the air, it felt all right
And I can dig that

Yeah, I thought about it for a little more
I picked myself up off the kitchen floor
And then I realized I picked a fight and lost with knives
And that won't cut it

I won't be all right
I can't sleep at night
I won't stop until the world collides
With my brainex by my side

And when I thought I hadn't had enough
I scoped what's left into a paper cup
And figured someone's treasure was probably trash
And I can't have that!


Wake up wake up
We got business, we got choices, we got fire
Force quit everything you know
Don't get me wrong
This act ain't tired

Unexpectedly you step on me
You quit but I report it
We're overheating
Pixels burning, mission's failing
I abort it

Apple option apple option
Option fire fire
Control alt heat the temperature is getting higher higher
And we will burn because we've always had this constant itchin'
And we can S T A N D the heat from our own kitchen

Your memory's going, you're powering down
You might as well be off to dreamland
Well, apple+shift+4 take a picture of these heat waves
while you still can

And set your preferences to broil
We've got a lot we've got to get through
It's all or nothing
Save your screen and save your ass
It's all you can do

Blue Dragon

Blue dragon comin' through you're compin' up the forest
You're eatin' lettuce, tomatoes, your skin is rather porous

And you must be a vegan you're so sweet
You have got blue spinach in your teeth

Blue dragon comin' atcha

Flying, soaring, magical, your wingspan is impressive
Oh blue dragon, in a wagon, one kiss you just must give

And you must be a vegan you're so sweet
You have got blue spinach in your teeth

Blue dragon comin' right atcha now

Over it

My mind is broken and I don't know
How I have really made a point to go
Just need a new chord to document
A night of my life in hell well spent

I'll make a promise, I'll make a dime
I'll make a pact, I'll make everything rhyme
It doesn't matter
Does no one care?
I won't, I promise I wouldn't

If it won't get any better than you must
Get yourself together
Get up, get over it
If it won't get any better than you must
You've got to move yourself
Get up, get over it

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah

I'll start it over and rinse repeat
We'll start anew and new things are so sweet
When starting over means burning down
All you love, all you care about

And all this small talk makes your tongue cold
And all your marbles are now all on the floor
Just paint a picture to represent
A night of my life in hell well spent

Mummy Beach

The sun's beating down it don't get much better
SPF 55 protects me from this dangerous weather
I got my towel, I got my shades, I got my drink in reach
We're ready for a relaxing day at the beach

We didn't know a lot but that would never hurt us
All the while, we sunbathed and we breathed through snorkels
All along as we played and burned the beach turned red
Forshadowing an invasion from the dead

We got mummies at the beach
We got mummies in the sand
We got mummies in the souvenir shop
Why won't they stop?
They'll never stop

Scaring children, having picnics, eating sandwiches,
Playing fetch and marinating in their bandages
They stole my spot, they popped my ball and then they crushed my castle
These stinkin' mummies are one smelly hassle

Now, our vacation doesn't have a happy ending
We're giving up because we got tired of defending
Our way of fun out on the beach has gone from cool to crummy
The terror alert has gone from red to mummy


When you're out on your own and you're free
Will you stay out or come home to me?
You can't find my scent
I don't know where you went

When you're out on your own and you're scared
And the cars they don't know that you're there
I will call for you my friend

Iggy, Iggy, Iggy, Iggy

When you're out on your own...

We love you Iggy
I love you, I need you, I want you to come back
When you're out on your own in the wild
When you're lost and you are but a child
I will call for you my friend


Lovefoxxx you're so pretty want to get you in my pants
But I know you'd never accept my offer instead I'll make you dance
And then we'll carry on all through the night the drums will go bang bang
Girl, let me come inside your house and see that Wu Tang Clan

Okay, step back, can't handle that I was a little blunt
But girl, I can't contain myself so let me see your
At least I know about censorship I love you lots and lots
And girl, I'll be your dirty pussy if you'll be my lovely foxxx

Lovefoxxx you own me
Like you bought me on eBay

Well second coming of the verses you know what I mean
Although the first have was so pleasant this one will make you scream
The other 5 must hate me 'cause I gave this song to you
But I'm a freak and I don't mind so they can join us too

We'll makes some real rad music, we'll be avant-garde I guess
Or new wave or experimental or just one big mess
Girl, don't be shy, protect yourself and put on your galoshes
We'll take over the world and make some babies in the process

And now comes the disclaimer, lady please take no offense
To my compliments, my sentiments that make no goddamn sense
Don't hold it all against me and I'll love you 'til the end
And maybe if we can't be lovers we can be good friends


And this one goes out to the year we thought would never end
To all the friendships that we didn't mend
To all the money we swore not to spend

And this one goes out to all the baggage that we didn't lose
To our cigarettes and our expensive booze
How in the morning we all had the blues

Well in the end you're gonna do it again
But for this one night you'll swear
That by the morning light you wouldn't dare
Your resolution's solid so who cares?

Well in the end, you will, I swear you will, you know you will
You'll throw it away
But just remember on this one new day
That lying to yourself out right's okay

And this one goes out
To night spent stupid, sloppy, sleep deprived
While waking up late with your bleary eyes
You swore you'd stop this as the time went by

And this ones goes out
To shallow promises we make the most
But we'll continue so just raise a toast to all your vices
And say adios

More fun should be our new years resolution

JPG in the sun

I had a vision in RGB format
300dpi, cracked LCD yeah
you were so bright like a big ball of fire
your crystal clear resolution got me higher

Somebody tell me how to get my hands on a JPG in the sun

Image so perfect deserves my attention
But you are burning, I forgot to mention
Cannot stop looking, fixated and frozen
S T A R I N G I am so spun

Somebody tell me how to get my hands on a JPG in the sun

I'm out of breath but you keep my heart beating
I can't believe all the things I am seeing
Cyan, magenta, yellow and then some black
All are the same, because JPG, you're so stacked

Somebody tell me how to get my hands on a JPG in the sun

Now we're together we'll be there forever
Somebody, please help me get to the sun

High quality liquid crystals are falling
JPG, your name I'm melodically calling
Let's get it over with, come on let's do it
I'll paste you to my heart with modge podge and glue sticks


I walked into the room and was very startled by this sound
It came and went and I follow it with my ear pressed to the ground
When no one was in sight I heard it growing so loud
An animal, untraceable or a ghosty floating proud

But you'll see what I mean when I say time just takes its toll
And you'll see what I mean in 30 years or 40 more
When you're deader than a doornail life is better than before
And you'll see what I mean
A ghosty's knocking on your door

I never thought my life would be all over in a day
But now I have a ghostly friends who's out and wants and play
We had our whole lives, scratch that, we just had eternity
And once I was a human, but now I'm just a ghosty